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Our token sales has been finished. Thank you very much for your contribution.
$DPAT Pre-Sale Phase 1 Token Sale

DPA TOKEN - Major projects in major cities

We're making emerging market investments easy

As a consequence of increasing urbanisation, rapid population growth and greater engagement with the global economy, there are both pressures on and opportunities for rapid real estate and infrastructure expansion across many African cities.

We are the first to build a borderless Web3 land, property and infrastructure investment trading platform to help developers raise funding for building projects.

Each project will be minted and represented by a Non-fungible token (NFT) so every NFT is backed by physical Real estate. 

For every $1 or €1 spent, Africa generates a considerable higher percentage return than similar products in developed western markets.

Land and Property

65% Increase


A revolutionary approach to land, property and infrastructure Investment and decentralization, focused on a continent where transparency is key to growth


Multiple income streams from capital appreciation of real estate, NFTs and trading DPATs.

Real Estate Development

Providing access to liquidity in a cost effective and transparent way so developers can meet ever increasing real estate and infrastructure demands

About DPAT

Image of DPAT TOKEN Direct Property Africa Token

A new way to build and fund prime real estate and infrastructure

Direct Property Africa Token also known as DPA Token with the ticker name DPAT is backed by a team of experienced professionals and has secured partnerships with prime developers all over Africa.

The project is the first Web3 real estate and infrastructure ecosystem backed by prime land plots in cities like Accra, Lagos, Cairo, Cape Town, Kigali, Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

We believe in the power of our community but humans are not like bees, birds or fish, we don’t have the natural ability to make decisions as a group in real time. We aim to change that by leveraging swarm intelligence techniques to empower our community to make better collective decisions.

As the community becomes more involved in DPAT, they will eventually have more control over the projects through our swarm voting system.

In addition, we will have an open chat where members can participate and submit their own ideas through our main communication channels.

How DPAT works

Project Selection

Our experienced team will identify the projects and land opportunities in cities with the greatest potential for long term growth and partner with reputable local developers with a proven track record.


The chosen development project will be split into plots and each plot will be represented by a newly minted Non-fungible token (NFT).


Each NFT is broken down into fractions and the community can purchase fractionalized NFTs in a project they like from as little as the price of a coffee.


Governance through our swarm voting system will decide a suitable investment exit strategy.


DPAT opens the property market to new investors who share a passion for Web3 and cryptocurrencies generally.


Investing in Africa is increasingly more popular and lucrative. The numbers favour the continents infrastructure development industry and the 200 million people moving to African cities over the next 5 years will create the biggest boom in the history of real estate.


Fractional models in traditional markets like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) allow several unrelated parties a share in revenue and profits from high-value tangible assets while mitigating the risks involved.

Like REITs, fractional NFTs provide access for a diverse pool of investors to not only receive royalties and tokens but have a say in what gets built - by whom, for whom, and where.


DPAT is building an ecosystem that derives its value from the community, while passively rewarding presale and early bird investors who hold DPAT long term with access to new projects, Safari and city breaks as well as, discounts on fees and real world assets.

Creating a digital reality with real-world value


Public Presale Distribution Information

Token Name: DPA Token

Token Ticker: DPAT

Decimals: 18

Supply: 1,000,000,000


Launch Date: April 2023

Total Available Presale: 350,000,000 DPAT

Sell Tax: 6%

Marketing 2%

Liquidity Pool 2%

Treasury 1%

Burn 1%

Token Distribution

Current projects

We work with like minded partners who share our vision. Collaborating on new projects and new Metaverse ways of doing traditional things that help to bind our crypto community together.

Take a look below at current and future projects that aim to welcome the global crypto community to hubs across Africa.


Our journey to a new Ecosystem. Everything you need to know about our path to change an industry, while providing an alternative image of a whole continent. 

  • First real estate developer partnership
  • Whitepaper
  • Launch Socials and community channels
  • Launch DPAT platform
  • Presale Phase 1
  • Smart contract creation
  • Smart contract Audit
  • Presale Phase 2
  • Commercial real estate developer partnerships
  • Marketing and PR Partnerships
  • Grow technical and advisor team
  • Development of NFT Marketplace
  • Community rewards programme
  • Presale Phase 3
  • DEX listing
  • Launch NFT Marketplace
  • DPAT Foundation
  • Chain bridge
  • Expand to new cities
  • New real estate developer partnerships
  • Strategic Metaverse Partnerships  
  • Launch of Mobile Applications (IOS and Android)
  • More real estate developer partnerships
  • Creation of Governance Smart Contract
  • Swarm voting system launch
  • Centralized exchange listing
  • Estate Agent accreditation certification programs
  • Lobby African Union for continentwide adoption of distributed ledger technology
  • Expansion to new territories

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPA Token?

Direct Property Africa Token is a Web3 ecosystem providing access to invest & trade in the very best real estate and infrastructure projects in major African cities with fractional ownership through real world asset backed NFTs, the same way you would buy stock and receive a share in a company or REIT.

What is DPAT?

The native token of the Direct Property Africa ecosystem

What Is Fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is when several unrelated parties own a percentage in a tangible asset like a yacht or real estate, thus mitigating the risk that comes with full ownership.

Where can I invest in the presale?

Click '$ BUY DPA TOKEN' at the top of the page or click 'Join the gang' anywhere on the page. You will be taken to our presale site for DPA Token.

What type of projects?

Residential and commercial property, Hotels, Hospitals, Roads, Schools, Social and Eco housing projects and many more

When will I get my DPAT?

DPAT will be allocated to your account via your dashboard. After pre-sale completes, DPAT will be airdropped over 10 weeks, with 10% airdropped each week.

How much can I invest?

There is no minimum. The maximum investment is $500,000

Has the smart contract been audited?

We will announce within our community once the smart contract audit is complete. However, we have completed our KYC process with Coinsult and Coinsniper.

Has the smart contract been audited?

Yes our smart contract audit is complete with SolidProof and can be found here. In addtion, we have completed our KYC process with Coinsult and Coinsniper.

Are there benefits to being part of the pre-sale?

Investors who participate in the pre-sale will have exclusive access to the first 4 major real estate/infrastructure projects and receive a fraction of associated NFTs in line with their initial investment. Access to lower entry prices, bonuses, African city breaks, safari, plus other benefits and rewards.